Jass Malaney, PCC, is an award winning, Executive Leadership Coach & Keynote Speaker, who is known for her vibrant spirit and inspiring presence. Her coaching conversation enable leaders to elevate their leadership to become effective leaders.




As a Professional Leadership Executive Coach, she works with mid to senior C-Suite executives across various geographies and cultures to elevate their leadership.

With experience in leading, coupled with her expertise in coaching, as well as working with key decision makers in various industries, gives her the extra advantage to relate to their challenges. She works with leaders as their “thinking partner” trusted & confidant adviser, often as their reflecting board, helping them get right to the heart of the matter, as a result empowering them to gain clarity on their vision and values.

As a Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Team Coach she engages her audience with real life experiences. She asks questions which embrace deeper thoughts, reflection, enabling discovery of powerful insights, empowering the audience to capture the essence of the message, which further inspire change and helps elevate their leadership capabilities.
Her recent speaking engagement was in Poland, for the Global Leaders Forum, for the International Coaching Federation. She customizes and delivers online courses and webinars.


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 Facing today’s Covid affected economies, even the most experienced Leaders may be daunted. Yet here lies the moment when our innate abilities to weather all can emerge.

Executive Leadership

Executive Coaching is a creative and thought provoking professional partnership which is designed to enhance the client’s leadership or management

Team Collaboration

Clarify and align team purpose, goals among team members. Resolving conflict and co-creating partnership. Enhancing employee engagement and commitment.

Board Facilitation

We then review the Organization’s vision, needs and goals. This helps me to customize and design agenda, incorporating the information from the assessment,

Virtual Training

A no-obligation chat with an experienced coach for leaders will have you empowered with confidence, energy and passion to be an Elevated Leader​.


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Jass has lead several teams in her role at The World Bank.

Who Do I Coach?

  • Senior Leadership (C-Suite)
  • High-Potential Leaders
  • Women Leaders
  • Mid to Senior Level Executives
  • Executive Board (Facilitation)
  • Teams 

Why Work With Me?

Jass has lead several teams in her role at The World Bank. She has 20 years of corporate experience leading business results, and she relates to her client’s when they share the challenges of managing teams and business results.


What We Offer?

  •  C-Suite Peak Performance Coaching
  •  Senior Executive Leadership Development
  •  Hi-Potential / Abrasive Leadership Development
  •  New Role Transition Coaching for Senior Leaders
  •  Sounding-Board Coaching for Board Members
  •  Executive Excellence Next-Level Preparation for Senior Leaders


Dr Chua Chi Siong - Medical Director, Jurong Community Hospital

Miss Jass is exceptionally engaging, and her passion in helping a leader grow not just professionally but also personally. Through her coaching, I have grown in confidence and competency in my leadership skills. I found her to be an emphatic listener who would take time to understand the leadership challenges that I had coupled with her intuitiveness and experience, I found her insights and questions incredibly in transformative in my leadership journey.

Aaron Chiew: Managing Director - Head Mobile & Digital UOB Bank

I met Jass at the exactly the right moment in my career and she was able to help me tease out exactly what I needed to do, and why I wanted to do it, in order to take me to the next level. I wanted a coach who wouldn't mince words and be tough on me and found that with Jass (sometimes painfully). Am happy to say that her friendship has been a bonus as well and would recommend her to any senior leader that is open to self-discovery and ready to push themselves in their life journey


Jass Malaney, Author, Elevated LeaderTM
‘It is my dream to inspire and empower those around me to elevate their leadership skills to bring joy in their world and create an impact in the communities, so that together we can make the world a better place.
Almost every leader I have coached faced similar leadership challenges. After coaching several senior to mid-level leaders, I started to observe similar patterns and discovered that there was a definite process that produces these consistent results.
Today, I feel very blessed to have accumulated a wealth of experience and gained important insights of working with people from multicultural, multi generations around the world.
I owe my success to dedicated hard work, with years of leading large teams, my bosses, and the organizations I worked with. In addition, the knowledge I’ve gained from the books I’ve read, courses I’ve attended and the Mentors and Coaches who have supported me along the way.
With the knowledge I’ve acquired and the hands on experience, I am able to meet my clients exactly where they are in their leadership journey.
In capturing the essence of the learning, the book Elevated LeadersTM was conceptualized.

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100 BEST Global Coaching Leaders

Excellent Suggestion Award

(March 2002)

Long Service Award

(15+ years)

Jass Malaney

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